• We are introducing some new chains to our collection.  As most of the KMM charms have large bails you can stack your charms onto thicker chains and beaded necklaces.  Have fun experimenting with your very own look!


    The Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone and is thought to transform negative energy into positive, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy.  Black Onyx is great for helping with stamina.


    The Onyx crystal necklace is 18 inch with a 2 inch adjustable silver extension and has a large 925 silver Albert Swivel.


    The new crystal necklaces are perfect to add an extra style to your KMM charms.  All the hallmarked KMM charms with large bails can be stacked on the crystal necklace.

    Onyx Crystal Necklace


    As with anything precious to you jewellery has to be looked after. Silver doesn't like anything left on it as that's when the silver will tarnish, so after wearing gently wipe each piece of jewellery clean of make up and skin oils with a 100% cotton cloth. The best way to care for your jewellery is to wear everyday, but when you're not wearing ideally keep in a zip lock bag as exposure to the air and environment can cause your jewellery to tarnish over time.

    Remember look after a piece of Katie Mullally silver and it will last forever ...