• I am so very excited to be working with the Dublin Assay Office now.  This is the first design in the Dublin x KMM Hallmark collection. 


    My father was Irish and born in Mullinahone in County Tipperary, I am very lucky to have Irish heritage and feel prouder of this heritage the older I get.  Also an Uncle of mine was a specialist in Irish silver and wrote the Irish section of Jackson's, known in the trade as the hallmarking bible so these Hallmarks are very important to me.  


    Just to note that this design is a limited edition design.


    I hope you like the new Dublin x KMM Hallmark collection!


    The Hallmarks are as follows :


    KMM - my exclusive makers mark

    Hibernia - The Dublin Assay Office Mark

    925 - silver purity marks

    J - the date letter is J which is 2020

    Crowned Harp - traditional mark for sterling silver


    If you would like to learn more about the Dublin Assay Office and the Hallmarks please click on the link below :


    Dublin Assay Office 


    We have added an extra large Albert Swivel clasp.  The length of the Bracelet is 7.5 inches long and is Hallmarked 925 silver.




    Silver Dublin Hallmark ID Bracelet


    As with anything precious to you jewellery has to be looked after. Silver doesn't like anything left on it as that's when the silver will tarnish, so after wearing gently wipe each piece of jewellery clean of make up and skin oils with a 100% cotton cloth. The best way to care for your jewellery is to wear everyday, but when you're not wearing ideally keep in a zip lock bag as exposure to the air and environment can cause your jewellery to tarnish over time.

    Remember look after a piece of Katie Mullally silver and it will last forever ...